100% OWNED & GROWN BY AUSTRALIAN farming families

For over 25 years, SMA Marketing has been dedicated to producing the best quality watermelon possible. From Broome to Chinchilla and beyond, our growers span this magnificent country, harnessing the seasons to bring you the freshest, most delicious and juiciest melon, all year round.

We know watermelons

We are a group of watermelon-loving folks, dedicated to
growing the best watermelons in

And that’s because we’re the watermelon experts. It’s what we do, and we do it exceptionally well.

We’re renowned for producing Australia’s freshest, juiciest watermelon. Our deliciously sweet watermelons are bursting with flavour and always deliver our signature refreshing crunch!

How do we do that? It’s not in the how, but in the why. We believe our watermelon brings joy; to consumers, to our customers and to us. From selecting the seed to the relationships between our farmer and customer partners, SMA Marketing is committed to excellence – every step of the way.


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Meet the people who produce our melon.

Meet Marie & Kane Younghusband.
Broome, WA.

4th generation farmers, Marie & Kane have been growing watermelons since 1998, joining SMA Marketing in 1999.

“We love working with the wonderful people on our farm, watching them grow and develop while producing a great product.”

Season: July – November
Variety: Watermelons